University of Patras, Wire Communications Laboratory (WCL)

University of Patras, Wire Communications Laboratory (WCL) The Wire Communications Laboratory (WCL) was established in 1970 in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering  ( of the University of Patras. It currently has a staff of more than 50 researchers, support personnel, and PhD students. The WCL is active in three main areas with organised R&D teams: Artificial Intelligence Group (AIG), Telecommunications, and Audio & Acoustics Technology.

AIG ( has a proven expertise on sound acquisition, signal processing and machine learning technologies, which constitute the base-ground for automated bioacoustics surveillance in open-air environments. Moreover, the AIG has a proven research record in the area of Artificial Intelligence, and specifically on topics such as: Search Methods, Problem Solving, Rule Based Systems, Knowledge Representation, Logic Programming, Machine Learning, Intelligent Human-Machine Interaction, Automata Theory, Acoustic Biodiversity Monitoring, Sound Event Recognition, etc. This know-how would be of great importance for the development of autonomous technology for biodiversity monitoring, intelligent information filtering, and management of atypical, emergency or crisis events. Finally, the AIG has a proven research record on automatic identification of species and detectiona of pests from their sound emissions.


Prof. Nikos FakotakisAMIBIO Project Coordinator
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